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About Us

Ezratek, formerly known as Packing & Palletizing Company (PPC), first started back in 2002 on the family farm in Prince Edward Island. As a potato farmer himself, Theo Polstra understood first hand many of the struggles farmers face today.  After having the opportunity to study mechanical engineering in Holland, Ezratek was first started by importing equipment for the potato industry from European companies, such as Dijkstra, Verbruggen and Symach.

As the demand for more robotic machinery increased, Ezratek expanded in building its own custom designed automatic solutions; including, palletizers, automatic tag placers and big bag fillers for both the potato and grain industries and beyond. Ezratek expertise also provides complete custom grading lines for the potato and onion industry, as well as automated palletizing systems at top speed for potato, onion, grass and grain industries and seed cleaners. Ezratek has its US and Canadian patent for its automatic multi-tag placer. 

So you may ask yourself, why Ezratek? We care. We have been on the other side and understand a lot of your struggles. We want to run with integrity and offer customer service that provides the best possible solution for our customers. While minimizing your labor cost, and maximizing your labor force, Ezratek helps you streamline your processes and get your bags out the door.  Ezratek is your automation solutions provider.

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